Towards an Updated ‘Psychopathology of Everyday Life’, After Yann Moulier Boutang¹ (Sort of)

‘Social media acedia’ (SEE ALSO: ‘bon-anomie’).

¹’Yann Moulier Boutang-ism’ (™) being the freshly minted, as in right this second as I type, thus expanding, however infinitesimally, the existing parameters of the ‘general intellectual corpus’ (how exciting!), term for gleaming a modicum of knowledge sufficient to appear well-informed at parties, or to give otherwise threadbare poems an impression of depth, w/r/t² to a complex and nuanced subject, a full understanding of which would certainly require lengthy study & consideration -which who has the time or inclination or even need for that any more right?- via one or more ‘heuristically selected’ amateur online articles/book reviews (SEE ALSO: ‘wiki-pistemology’)

²(which w/r/t [‘w/r/t’], SEE ALSO: ‘Pale Imitations – the Ecstasy/Anxiety of Infra-mince: Intra-textual Strategies in Post-industrial, Post-post-/?Meta- modern Poetry & Prose, After David Foster Wallace’³)

³DISCLAIMER: Not a real article (SEE ALSO: ‘Marcel Duchamp’, ‘excoordism’, &, finally [‘…’], ‘respice finem‘)

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