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Towards an Updated ‘Psychopathology of Everyday Life’, After Yann Moulier Boutang¹ (Sort of)

‘Social media acedia’ (SEE ALSO: ‘bon-anomie’). ¹’Yann Moulier Boutang-ism’ (™) being the freshly minted, as in right this second as I type, thus expanding, however infinitesimally, the existing parameters of the ‘general intellectual corpus’ (how exciting!), term for gleaming a modicum … Continue reading

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Towards a ‘Novelistic Survey’ of ‘Hipster Culture’, Provisionally Entitled ‘This is Normcore’, or ‘Notes from Underground 2.0’

I ‘Where to begin. Here? Okay, I’ll begin here’ II ‘So I’m in the café-bar, tending less-than-half-heartedly to a Brooklyn* I’d counted more coins over than I’d have liked, corner of my eye laying idle at the entrance, ostensibly scrutinising … Continue reading

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