Ex. Om.

or Eschatology! the Musical, or ‘Dance Deka, Dance!’

After Jack Spicer

‘Die Welt ist alles, was der Fall ist / The world is everything that is the case’
Ludwig Wittgenstein, ‘Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus’


Ludwig Wittgenstein on packing for a holiday: ‘I’m going to need a bigger case…’


Ludwig Wittgenstein in conversation with a baggage handler: ‘Be very careful’


Ludwig Wittgenstein in conversation with an airline representative following a mishap at the baggage carousel: ‘Delayed? 21 days? Thereafter “lost”? Young man with these words you uncover an abyss…’

*At the conclusion of which the airline representative, his professionalism not yet sufficiently fledged to grant him the wherewithal to suppress a smirk, the carousel, the airline, the holiday destination, you, these words you translate with your eyes into a nebulous something we elect to label ‘thoughts’, together with your faculty for making sense of them, I, already a ‘hologrammatic wraith’ according to certain schools of post-structuralist thinking, the entity formerly known as God (abroad?) without which all of these things are permitted, and, finally, ‘Ludwig Wittgenstein’, the tears he’ll never get chance to find unconsciously sprung from their ducts, + a bunch of other things hereafter referred to, sub specie, using the umbrella abbreviation, ‘etc.’†, cease to exist*

(Rebekah Del Rio, her features obscured by a veil […], otherwise reprising her role from David Lynch’s critically acclaimed film ‘Mulholland Drive’ [2001], mimes along to a Spanish language version of Roy Orbison’s ‘Crying’)

**The sprinklers, doing nothing to dispel their growing reputation for ‘easy lachrymosity’, proceed to make ‘a scene’**

Oscar Wilde & Che Guevera take a bow ŠŠ→ → →


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1 Response to Ex. Om.

  1. †inc., among other propositions, a ‘melancholy’ barber, the complete ornithology of his beard, a frieze depicting the murder-at-sea of the upstart Hippasus by Pythagoras, ‘elementary parallelism’, the top 40 billboard chart, the ghost of Nino Ferrer, the anti-oxford comma lobby, + a marble statuette conceived as an ‘abstract representation’ of the Platonic ideal of Love


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